The location on the southern slope of the mountain of Montjuïc decidedly brand, from the beginning, the nature of the project, opening to the views and favorable sunlight and subject to the access road.
The development of a plant in “L” can receive the first rays of morning light and turns his back to the west orientation. This provision is used to create transparency between the two wings, which allows to provide different degrees of privacy inside.
The compact and reserved volumes is the evolution of work with customers, who wanted a house that would optimize the doors and windows for intrusion.
The distribution consists of three levels:
The intermediate, the same level with the street, contains the parking, the hall and its equipment, a library and a section for guests with two bedrooms and bathroom.
The upper level, contains the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and equipment. An external hanging staircase leads to the flat roof.
The lower level, the same level of the garden, contains a summer kitchen space linked to the porch.
The epithelial envelope façade masonry through armed view. This construction reduces thermal looses and consequently controls the energy demand in winter.