It was to solve the project of a residential building, to private  development, in a chamfer of a historic expansion of Girona city.

In this context the priority of the exercise was to raise a new facade for the street Ferran Puig, for the square, where it recently has moved an sculpture by Andreu Alfaro, and for Güell street.

It has worked each of these sides of the building separately, according to their urban needings, without sacrificing a unit overview.

To Ferran Puig has operated with proportional scale, keeping the balcony as part of relationship.

The chamfer has worked organizing the holes in the front so that its composition transcends the individual level to get a public scale . The idea of facing a square space, separating it from the sides, like a plane that separates from the building, forming a false tribune, allowing to articulate lateral openings.

In Güell has identified the need to create a joint with the neighboring building, built in 2000, which shows a break with the urban structure.