Single house,

Sant Julià de Ramis

project: 2020

building: 2020-


Housing designed according to the owners' approaches in terms of exterior compositional criteria and the use of traditional materials such as stone and wood.

The volume and organization are strongly marked by the presence of the hipped roof with generous overhangs.The land, with a downward slope, with the views behind, to the north, and the will of the customers to present a traditional facade to the alignment of the street, to the south.The rectangular plan and the preference for not adapting the building to the natural topography led to the proposal of the building resting on a platform, flown over the ground.The program is divided into two levels, linked by a double space, the protagonist of the interior.Structure of 14 cm concrete block walls, with thermal insulation and exterior masonry and internal laminated plasterboard lining.The roof slab is a structure of glued laminated beams and exposed inter-beam board.



structure calculation: Oriol Palou

installation calculation: Xavier Arnal

builder: Reformes Costa Brava, S.L.